Hi! We are Kidslovr!

Why We Do What We Do
Growing up, our fondest memories were coming home to the warm embrace of our mother’s cooking. These small acts go a long way, for nothing says love more than a home-cooked meal and the kinship shared when eating together as a family is priceless.

These precious sentiments are what we’d like to pass down to our children. But as parents with hectic schedules or busy kids with school and extra-curricular activities, quality time together is often greatly reduced. Our solution? To go back to basics and make every family meal time for bonding, with meaningful conversations over hearty, healthy food.

Therefore, we aim to build a supportive ecosystem for modern parents, to make grocery shopping and home cooking a simple, seamless process. At the end of the day, the whole family gains from cooking and dining together. The biggest beneficiary is, of course, your children, for they are the ultimate recipients of your love.


Less time shopping, more time bonding. A family that cooks and eats together, stays together!


We are committed to bring you quality ingredients and produce so that you and your family can savour nutritious foods at the click of a button. As such, we carefully select our suppliers to guarantee maximum freshness and top hygiene standards, with efficient deliveries right to your doorstep.


Kidslovr’s recipes are based on our favourite home-cooked meals. Simple, healthy, and comforting, we’ve sorted them by children’s age groups so you never have to rack your brains on what to cook. Better still, have your little ones join in your meal preparation for added fun and bonding time!

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